Litigation Benefits: Studies have shown that the utilization of forensic exhibits in conjunction with expert testimony at trial dramatically increases juror information retention. The use of forensic exhibits substantially increases the likelihood that jurors will develop an understanding of the concepts proffered. Forensic exhibits are an ideal method to convey the important concepts, ranging from the simple to the highly technical. In addition, exhibits are developed for the targeted audience; from a jury of lay persons, an audience of attorneys, to an audience of experts.

Technical Accuracy: Forensic exhibits developed at Winthrop Forensics are produced by a team of specialist. Each team member has task oriented expertise. To the highest degree possible, technical accuracy is maintained through the tight integration between an expert with the graphics team. Therefore, each exhibit comes built in with an expert witness ready to testify to exhibit validity.

Expediency: Every effort will be made in order to deliver exhibits on time.

Turnkey Delivery: The presentation format for exhibits are client driven. That is, exhibits are delivered to the client in the format specified by the client-that best meets the client needs. Additionally, our specialist can help the client determine the most appropriate presentation format.

The 6.5 to 1 Advantage

"Studies measuring jurors' information retention have shown that jurors were able to recall 65% of the evidence presented 3 days earlier if the evidence was presented through a combination of oral and visual evidence. Where only oral evidence was presented at trial, jurors were able to retain only 10% of the evidence."

- Berkeley Technology Law Journal

"I have noticed repeatedly that when a document is displayed on the monitors, the jurors sit up and pay attention. Such attention is far greater than that given to a document or situation which they cannot see as it is being discussed by the attorney and the witness."

- United States District Judge Carl Rubin

"Jurors respond almost uniformly in favor of computer animation in the courtroom."

- Berkeley Technology Law Journal

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