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Aerial View of Accident Site

With integrated Functional Diagram and Photographs

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Size: Case Specific
Mount: Foam board
Options: Magnetic backed

Shadow Box Display:

Backlit and night light
combination integrated
shadow box.

Excellent method to
display case momentos.

H/W/D: 17/21/3 inches
Power: 120 V AC
Main light: 2 flourescent
Night light: incandescent
Matting: Single layer
Glass: 1/8 plate glass

Interactive Display:

Narrated soundtrack with interactive display

Excellent method to
encapsulate case details.

H/W/D: 17/13/1.5 inches
Power: 3 V AC
Sound: Single laser CD
Speakers: 8 ohm or headphone
Controls: Analog switches
Matting: Single layer
Glass: 1/8 plate glass

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